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  • Kent Mills - Classic!

    Not sure what to say about a song. I love it; it's a great song. However, music is very subjective, so pick for yourself.

  • Lloyd Nichols - back2life

    I was disappointed in the Back2Life machine. It promised much more than it delivered. I sent it back but have yet to receive my refund. I would not recommend buying this product. I used it for two weeks and did not notice any improvement in my back. I found it was also difficult to get down and up from a flat floor, and you have to position your butt against the machine, which is hard to do.

  • Sachie W. - Check compatibility on BOB's website before buying

    A word to the wise: check the "Infant Car Seat Adapter Compatibility" page on BOB's website [http://www.bobgear.com/carseatadapter] before buying. CS1001 (this model) is only compatible with newer Ironman strollers, serial number AV000001 and higher. Ours is a 2010 model, AC0xxxxx, and needs CS0701 instead.

  • Randy Smith - Solid product

    I've used Tax Cut (or Block At Home) for the past few years. (I switched away from Turbo Tax when Intuit had their ill-advised anti-piracy copy protection craziness.)