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  • Susie G. Perlman - Hair Brush straightener

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this brush hair straightener as some of the reviews were not the best, but I am totally glad I gave it a chance. I felt with Amazon prime customer service and their return policy, I couldn't go wrong and it only took a day or so to arrive. It calms down my frizzies that I have with my naturally curly hair and makes it as straight as I would like it with a few strokes of the brush. It doesn't take long to heat up and does not burn my scalp when it is fully preheated. Mine was a pretty pink color and was not too heavy or hard to pull through my shoulder length hair. The only con I can tell (and even so is not a deal killer), is the location of the plus and minus buttons because if you are not careful you can accidentally raise or lower the temperature of the device while brushing your hair. This one came with a 110 plug for American use and was ready to use right out of the box.

  • R.K. - iPhone 7 workaround... good functionality, decent sound

    Overall I'm happy with these headphones. Nowhere near as good of sound as my Grado or AKG wired headphones, but not bad (and possibly better on an AptX compatible source).

  • Ron1247 - Good value if your buy this product

    The only way to renew this product. If your going to use this product this is the only way to buy. I've been happy as I've made it another yr. without problems, could have been luck. The main thing I don;t like about McAfee is the price they try to charge to renew, make sure to turn off the auto renew. I don't expect much product support from anyone so good luck there.

  • Bonnie - Starbucks Coffe Casi Cielo

    My favorite Starbucks blend! I wait all year for this one to come out and buy as many as I can to freeze however, it sells out quickly in the stores. I was happy that I found more at Amazon.

  • Traveller - The product is easy to use and has everything you need to get ...

    The product is easy to use and has everything you need to get started. after using this I bought more rechargeable batteries and decided not to purchase regular batteries so as to do my part in saving planet earth. Sometimes I plug the batteries into my USB port and charge them off my PC, or USB wall plug, but when the weather is warm, I use the solar panels. If it ever broke, due to long term use, I would re-purchase this item.

  • Scott - Great Marine Sub

    I paid ball park $150 through amazon. I was skeptical as I saw no reviews, although I am familiar with Fosgates excepitonal quality. I had to L7 12 kickers in my car for any of you that know subs...they knock ridiculously loud. This single speaker provides great bass in pretty much free air. I used no box and cut a 9inch hole in the fiberglass where I could reach behind (mounted with toggle bolts). It is installed underneath my glove box (radio).Pre drilled all holes with masking tape to avoid chipping my gel coat. Get compliments from everyone on the lake for providing clear highs and good lows. I paired thsi sub with the 6.5 infinity marine speakers (review on those as well).