Welcome to Monadnock Community Hospital - Monadnock Community Hospital is an acute care hospital located in Peterborough, NH, offering comprehensive inpatient & outpatient services.

  • http://monadnockcommunityhospital.com/main/About.php Monadnock Community Hospital | Critical Access NH Hospital - MCH is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital offering Medical, Surgical and Intensive Care; Obstetrics; Pediatrics; and Mental Health services. 24-hour Emergency Care.
  • http://monadnockcommunityhospital.com/bwc/RehabPulmonary.php The Bond Wellness Center Pulmonary Fitness Program - Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an evidenced-based, multidisciplinary and comprehensive program for those with chronic breathing conditions such as COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
  • http://monadnockcommunityhospital.com/bwc/RehabOccTher.php Occupational Therapy Services at Monadnock Community Hospital - Monadnock Community Hospital offers extensive Occupational Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

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