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  • Ladydarksky┬« - i only got a tiny sample to try don't know what i was expecting with it but the tiny sample would be good for a knee or elbow bu

    it's a very strong smelling cream, it smells strongly of mint, i only got a tiny sample to try don't know what i was expecting with it but the tiny sample would be good for a knee or elbow but not for a lower back to try, it did come in handy when i hit my funny bone and bruised it, its not funny so not sure why it is called that, i would have to say to give a decent review on how it works on the back i would have to try a decent amount of it, but for what i used it on it was better than some others i have tried

  • Julie Walker - This stuff is prolly fake. But the real stuff...yaaaaasssss

    O.M.G you guys. I got this from a mall vendor yesterday and holy sweet baby Jesus. I thought it was a scam too and immediately had buyers remorse until I got it home and tried it. I thought the peeling affect was fake too so I tried it on my counter first and nope, no peel. So I tried it on my face and OMG it had the most amazing results. My face was so bright and glowing and soft! And my pores almost disappeared! Later I tried it on my shins since my skin is very flaky there and they are now smooth as a model! I wouldn't doubt some of these people being charged so much by the vendors because if you go to the actual website, the peel is $45 , hand cream is $20, the face moisturizer is $45, and the black bar soap is $15. Honestly i would prolly pay that if I had too cuz this stuff is amazing. Luckily I got all this for $60. Not gonna lie, I might go back and act like I've never used it before to get a great deal and stock up!

  • R. Harbert - Great charging device for backpacking

    I wanted to use my iPhone and/or iPad for their GPS capabilites rather than taking another GPS device. Problem is that the iPhone drains batteries pretty quickly. My 3rd generation iPad is better but it still won't last three or four days in the back country.

  • shaina hibbard - Ruined my boots, didn't live up to the hype.

    I watched a ton of videos of people using this stuff and how amazing it was, what none of them tell you is that despite the product saying it dries clear, it does not. I used it on black boots and it completely destroyed them. It dries to a hazy grey color. It does say ( in REALLY fine print) in the disclosures of the instructions that it doesn't dry clear and not to use on dark colors, which means their advertising is false considering it shows it on dark brown boots right on the packaging the product comes in...

  • David Denver - Toyota all weather vs. weather tec

    Great product! Definitely keeps has better coverage than the all weather Toyota mats! If you buy them here you won't have to pay the dealership prices for an inferior product.