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  • Christina Garnett - Don't give the the Author such low reviews because of ...

    Don't give the the Author such low reviews because of Amazon's mistake. Ms. Welch is working very hard to get the problem fixed so that when we can read it then we can add as many stars as we want because at least we would have read the book already to do so. Give her and her book a chance.

  • Page McCarley - perfect size - best quality of key finders

    Love the new Design. While it's only a tad smaller, i tmakes a big difference. What sets tile apart is that these have much better connectivity compared to the other trakcing devices I have tried.

  • Frieda Stiehl - Don't waste your money!

    The book is outdated, the writing is poor. The author rambles on and on, provides little or no detail, so if you are looking for actual information, you won't find it here.

  • Ericka12345 - Unbelievable. Lola Dog is now Calm, not Crazy.

    I love her, but frankly, Lola Dog is crazy. She's anxious, submissive, nervous, barky, irritating, and clingy. When I leave the house without her, she howls. People passing on the street drive her into paroxysms. Her anxieties are HUGE. The vet prescribed Xanax, but before I filled the prescription, I bought Lola a Thundershirt. Lola loves it, I'm a total convert, and my friends are amazed.

  • Christin - Obsessed with IsoSensuals!!

    I am so in love with IsoSensuals CURVE cream. I have seen a HUGE improvement and I bought this product on July 9th. I went from a 38 1/2 to 40 measurement. I recommend using it after you shower because your pores are opened and the product will absorbs better. If you don't have time to shower twice a day use a blow dryer the warm heat will open up your pores and soak the cream up. Remember to eat protein because protein builds a booty! Do squats too, you'll see faster results. Look for the BOOTY BAM work out online! I bought the pills too which is a must!! I will post another review in 6 months! You can trust IsoSensuals will work for patient don't expect over night results. Everyone is different...but eating healthy and exercising will definetly show results faster! My husband didn't believe that a cream and pills could make my a booty bigger but boy did I prove him wrong. He's obsessed!