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  • Amazon Customer - Unbelievable!

    I bought this book as a result of a link Amazon gave me when I ordered another book on insulin resistance. I didn't even look at it right away and once I did, I was blown away. I always had so much trouble losing weight, despite being on innumerable diets. Lately, I had been doing low-carb, but that does become difficult to follow long-term. The link-and-balance system that the authors describe in great detail works great for me and I can already feel good results after two weeks. I wish I had looked at this book first! I've become an evangelist for what I believe could be my last diet. It's amazing that something so simple works so well.

  • GoReader - Classic

    Kurt Vonnegut challenges your perception of reality. It's an excellent quick read. Everything is what you make of it. Recommended

  • Amazon Customer - My child loved this costume

    My child loved this costume! Fit just right, but not made the greatest...after wearing once the shoulder ripped as well as the police badge, but he didn't care.

  • Sara - Keeps coldsore size down

    I have tried more medications than I care to admit. Abreva combined with l-lysine supplements seems to be the only thing that actually helps me. It doesn't make a coldsore go away immediately, but it definitely stops them from growing bigger and they seem to heal a couple days quicker than they used to. It also seems to help with the itchiness. The cream keeps the skin soft and doesn't leave a weird residue like others I've tried. 1 tube will get me through about 2 coldsores and is small enough to always have on hand in my purse because it's best to catch them when they first crop up.

  • Alla Kireeva - Used for 4 months with no results

    I purchased this product in a mall. Unlike previous reviews, I did not overpay and actually spent less than this web-site is asking for the product. I used the serum for 4 months combined with other Oro Gold products. I see absolutely no improvement on my skin. The wrinkles are still there. I also tested the product on my boyfriend for the same amount of time and see no improvements for him either.

  • Linda Reads - 50 Shades of Max

    I like that this book starts six months into a relationship and we backtrack to see how they got to that opening moment. A just-legal young woman, Lola Grace, goes out with friends to celebrate her 18th birthday and meets up with Max who for some unknown reason is celebrating his “last night of freedom.” The reader assumes he’s getting married but why does he dread it so much?! He meets Lola Grace and sparks fly. He KNOWS she’s too young for him but he’s drawn to her like she is to him. The next day, after a night to remember with Lola Grace, he marries and meets his new bride’s daughter, none other than, you guessed it…Lola Grace.