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  • Erin Longest - Amazing for old car stereos

    I have an older car sterio that doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities or even an auxiliary input. I used to use a device that had to plug into my phone, the cigarette lighter and got pretty spotty connectivity. I expected about the same level of connectivity via radio with this one, but was pleasantly surprised that the sound is much clearer. Also I LOVE that your phone isn't teathered to a cord! You can still charge your phone because this has a built in USB port, which is great since it's taking up your cigarette lighter. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • D. C. Lawson - Diabetes, weight management, Detoxifier, Reduce Cellulite

    Slim and Sassy works to balance metabolism and cuts cravings for food and works for diabetics to regulate sugar levels.

  • Mallory P. - I absolutely love my diffusers so when searching for an additional one ...

    I absolutely love my diffusers so when searching for an additional one to purchase it’s important to me that they meet my expectations. When Viva Naturals released this product, I have to admit, I was super excited. This diffuser just goes to show you that it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a quality diffuser.

  • Lanette - Best guide

    Wouldn't do taxes without these annual guides. I'm told the IRS even uses them because they are well organized, easy to use and have more information than the Treasury Dept.'s employees. Always on top of new rules and contain instructions for all personal forms. Large, thick and heavy.

  • The End - GUILTY AS SIN!

    my friend just got the kindle edition. i read most of it. sad how america got this way. what ever happened to "good 'ole america"? the liberal mindset is simply corrupted to the CORE. hillary and bill need to go away...

  • matt n - atvs15

    Instructions not there. Built decent but the 12 volt plug in isn't that great had to replace it with one that actually works. The opening for fertilizer to come out you can't see how far its open you loose a lot of material trying to get it set to what you want. Definitely not worth the money I spent on it. Nice it holds a lot of material you need it to get it set also the mounting it to your 4 wheeler you have to create your own way to mount it so it sets right instead of leaning. I would have given this product a better review except the 12 volt plug is junk and you have to fabricate your own mounting system. For the price its not worth it.