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  • Joyce A. Green - Product not truthful

    The product information states that all fish oil has been taken from the product. I am allergic to all seafood, no matter what it is, but after taking the product twice, I have raised red blotches all over my skin and the entire body has started itching as well as having several bad nose bleeds. I guess, like most products sold in the infomercials, another one bites the dust. If you have any fish/seafood allergies, please do not take this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product for going to the clubs!

    I got introduced to the Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy by my hair stylist and was happy with the results I have had from using the product. It works well with short hair, though its value starts to break down if you start to let your hair get long. A little goes a long way with this, so two of these usually last me several months. You can easily do a spiked kind of intentionally-messy look, a faux-hawk, or tons of other things with this and have it stay in place all night.

  • anne - It works, however...

    It works, however the squirrels can get out. Within an hour of setting the trap I had 2 squirrels. I then made the mistake of leaving the trap out longer to catch more. By morning they had discovered how to open the door and trap was empty. I now retrieve the cage as soon as they are caught.

  • DATgirl119 - Gotta love the name

    Gotta love the name. Lol. Smells good, you can smell the apple cider vinegar in it. Works by balancing your body natural pH. Great for freshening up or as a gag gift. I received this at a discount for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks All Naturell for this all natural product.

  • Monti S. - great for school loads,booksssss, assignments etc.

    Heavy duty, great color, sturdy, loads of room for lots of good stuff. My grand-daughter has her phone, ipod, a thousand pens, and a few text books/note books and other things I am not to know about all jammed together in one very strong backpack. It is working out very well.

  • Lola - Works amazing well for my lower back pain.

    This little belt packs a lot of power for 3 AAA batteries. I'm amazed. I offer get a sore back as a crane operator (female) and when I get home, I use the belt on my lower back. It feels like heaven. As far as strengthens stomach muscles ... well it's still too soon to tell.

  • Daniel T. - Looks great. FM Reception not so much...

    I'm very happy with the appearance of this antenna. Problem is, the FM reception is pretty awful now. However, I mostly use Sirius (uses it's own antenna) or bluetooth audio so it's not much of a problem. Overall, I'm satisfied because I HATED the appearance of the stock antenna.