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  • Atsenaotie - Would not buy this again.

    Seemed like a good price and reviews were OK, but I would not use this again. Every time I loaded the program it asked to register, I would fill in all of the blanks, and it said it could not register. The problem was I could not by-pass registration. I had to either not register and the program would close, or fill in all the forms, be told registration did not work, and then the program would run; every time I loaded the program. The "interview" process was not as smooth as the other programs I have used, and auto import of forms like from Scott Trade did not seem available. I hope it did a good job, but I will go back to one of the other two next time.

  • Arthur Schupbach - At most, delayed the inevitable

    I started up Rogaine, twice a day, committed for about 9 months now. It recommends remaining on Rogaine for at least a year. Well, I'm not. After 9 months the hairloss has been--at most--slowed, but no repair has taken place. The bald spot at my crown has worsened, and my hairline has steadily eroded in an ugly diffused pattern. Small hairs have grown, stalled, and they do not get thicker or longer. I am well-aware of the so-called shed, but at this point, the Rogaine would have to kick in and go miracle mode to regain any sizeable amount of hair. Rogaine also caused noticeable acne along my scalp.

  • Kindle Customer - There is good and bad...

    I am a hard core outdoors women. I love nothing more then being outside, tromping through woods. I also make the mistake of weedeating without full body protection (but, come on, a 100 degree day... screw the long pants and shirts).

  • Ryan - Keeps wine fresh a few days longer

    I am a big fan of this wine saver pump. While it does not extend the life of a bottle of wine for a long period of time, it is nice to have an extra few days before beginning to notice a difference in taste. The mechanism is easy to manage, with a very discernible "click" when you no longer need to pump. For a half-filled bottle, I tend to need about 10 pumps. If you find it difficult or painful to work with your hands, fear not, as this pump's mechanism is very smooth.

  • Curious Dog - Good shipping time product as advertised

    Not much to say, the quality is about what you would expect for the price and description. Shipped pretty quickly and was fun to wear around my boss lol