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  • isarge - This was one last Lucas product I had never used ...

    This was one last Lucas product I had never used....and it worked for my valve cover gasket seep. I used Lucas fuel--oil--and trans products for decades now and swear by them!

  • AmandaR - Great, but is it real rhassoul clay?

    I decided to go old school on my hormonal acne, which seems to be experiencing a flare up the past 2 months. I am 37 years old and sick of it. Also, I recenely started exercising, and the sweat has made my forehead and behind my ears get tiny zits. SO awesome. I came across this on Amazon, figured that healing clay masks might do the trick, or at the very least, giving myself a mask couldnt hurt.

  • Janet Buchheit - Review House of Fun

    Slots, I don't have enough money to keep playing, don't want to ask for friends or buy money. I did not care for it

  • Germ - runs short

    I bought 4 separate bassinet sheets by separate manufacturers all for 30in long mattresses. My advice to readers is to buy 32in instead. The 30in ones all had problems fitting on 30in mattresses (the mattress ends up curling because the fit is too tight). This one's one of the poorer fitting ones of those 4. Your mileage may vary if you are using it in a pack and play because then you don't have the height. I'm using changing table mattresses so they have 1-2 inches in height.