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  • Amazon Customer - I love it

    If you're looking for an album of stantards, this is not it. However, if like me you have enjoyed his songwriting on previous albums you will enjoy this. I can't stop listening to this album, I love it. Yes, "Nobody But Me" has a rap in it, but as a lover of many genres I enjoy it. It's upbeat and I blast it in my car with the windows rolled down and I'm old enough to not care who sees me dancing (ok maybe I care a little). "I Believe In You" is sweet and brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it. One of the things I love about Michael is that when he sings, I believe him. As a fan, I'm overjoyed that he was able to put more of himself on this album. I appreciate him for him and that's meaningful to me. Yes I love the standards, but I also adore and value him as an artist. This album gives you both.

  • curtistasia - take the time for this one

    This books is not much different that the talks I have heard from him through Leadership Summit. The first time I heard from Hybels was 2013, and to this day I know that what I hear was good but have been in such a whirlwind since that I can not remember the topic(I have ALOT of notes somewhere from it).

  • Eric T. Cowan - The new Roth 401k information alone was worth the upgrade to the new version!

    Spoiler alert! Have you been frustrated that you can only send $5k to your Roth IRA each year, or that you can't contribute anymore because of income limitations. No more. After reading this section I checked and both my wife's company and mine offer the Roth 401k option. Max contribution for 2013 is $17.5k with no income phase outs, just like your regular 401k! My wife's company will even match to the Roth instead of the traditional 401k. It's awesome! Never would have thought to look had I not read about it here.

  • tiff1985 - spark dyed my shaker cup and messed up my stomach

    Ok so i was excited to sell this product and take it. But i started the challenge and it messed up my stomach so bad i was constantly cramping and couldnt stay out of the bathroom. Then on top of i started to notice any cup i used the spark dyed the inside. My shaker cup is permanently an orange color now could u imagine what its doing to ur insides.