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    I LOVE the large size and shape and the price. It is however flawed in two major ways for me, so I will be returning it. The main reason that I'm interested in a smartwatch is to be notified that I am receiving a call or a text. I can almost NEVER hear any cell phone that I have ever owned. Even with the most obnoxious ringers and notifiers set to max, I only hear ANY brand of cell phone about 20% of the time. If it's in my pocket, or somewhere in the bed sheets, forget it. I can't hear them above normal environmental noise like televisions, radio, people talking etc. I wanted something that I could WEAR that would make noise and VIBRATE, VIBRATE, VIBRATE to alert me that I am receiving a call or a text. I've looked everywhere in the settings and it appears that this watch does not vibrate. The second major flaw that this watch has is that you can't set the proper time. On a 12 hour time format, my watch is determined to display any time that I set, as being in the AM. There seems to be NO WAY to set AM or PM. If I put it into 24 hour format, then the watch seemingly does not know if any time is AM or PM and displays no time of day at all. This is a MAJOR problem for me. The ONLY other reason that I want a smart watch is to Bluetooth sync to the calendar on my phone. I want to be able to set a time and date for a certain event in the calendar, and then I want a smart watch to ring AND vibrate and then stream that calendar event across my wrist. Not only does this watch NOT stream the name of the event, like I said before, it does not vibrate! But on an even more basic level, how are you supposed to set accurate event times when this not so "smart" watch WILL NOT LET YOU select the correct time of day/night. If I set the watch to 12 hour format, then it appears I can only schedule calendar events in the AM, which is stupid. If I set the watch to 24 hour time format, then the watch will, I can only assume, notify me TWICE of the same event. So, in the 24 hour time format, if I schedule an event for say 3PM, the watch is going to make noise and alert me of the event at both 3PM and 3AM, I assume, since it has no knowledge of AM/PM in the 24 hour format! That is a beyond ridiculous deal breaker! I couldn't care less about fitness tracking or camera abilities. Whoever designed this watch completely overlooked BASIC functionality in favor of trying to cram more and more novel features into it. This watch is an epic fail!