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  • Dawn Savas - Did not work for me

    I bought this in hopes of making my microfiber couch a little more spill resistant with a toddler and several pets running around. I followed the directions and applied two coats but found that it did little if any to stop spills from soaking in. I was hoping liquids would bead up first before sinking in and allow me a little more time to clean. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

  • Amazon Customer - An excellent primer on this subject

    Quick and to the Point. An excellent primer on this subject, but also filled with an amazing amount of little known "Golden Nuggets" of information.

  • Long-time Quicken user - Terribly disappointed

    Purchased Quicken 14 for Windows to upgrade my 2006 version. Unfortunately the upgrade DOES NOT WORK. Product continually experiences "unexpected error" and shuts down.

  • Prudence N. Chaiban - It's okay

    It's pretty good for cleaning smaller rooms but once you start cleaning your entire house it's just not sustainable...you have to keep replacing the tiles too often when you clean larger areas. It's not great for very dirty floors. I use it when I need a quick 'run through'

  • Jennifer K. Lill - I Adore This Chair, So Does My Son

    This was one of the best baby purchases I've made. Our son gets to sit with the family at restaurants, just sit up right at the table! It's so sturdy once it's tightened that I never worry about it slipping. It's got a lap belt for extra security and it's super comfy. My little guy, who has no attention span, will happily sit in this chair (with toys in hand) throughout an entire restaurant meal.

  • Ashley Medlin - Decent product

    The product feels soft, smells great, and leaves hair shinier and slightly less frizzy than before application. Don't use much or gives greasy look and feel. Product only good day of application, not one of those you can leave in a couple of days and hair still looks good. Should last awhile since not much needed.