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  • R. Morits - Text Book

    Very indepth text book. Good value for the money when compared to other text books I've had to purchase

  • Anietje - Works great, taste great

    I started this product a week ago on advice of my aunt who does only natural products, apparently this product has huge success rate in Europe, so I gave it a try. I taste delicious with almond or coconut milk, keeps you full and not hungry at all. I have no more sugar cravings, ate vegetable soup in between when hungry and had some popcorn when I feel like munching. It is super easy if you don't have a lot of time and in comparison the price is not bad at about 2.50 per drink, you cannot make a meal for that amount. I even lost weight and plan to do this as a three drinks a day plan for a week and then start replacing one or two meals with the Almased drink until I reach my goal. Then use it a couple of times a week to keep up the weight, I exercise and feel healthy. I can not understand that some people review this as bad tasting. It almost taste like a regular milkshake. I love it!

  • Janelstarz - Chemical Free!

    I was very happy to get this maternal anti blemish face wash in the mail. When it arrived I was impressed with just how large of a tube of face wash this actually it. It is much larger than I had expected and the tube is almost bursting, in a good way, with how full it is. I ordered this product because I have a friend studying nutrition who has been teaching me just how dangerous products full of chemicals can be when you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I have taken great lengths to try to get products that are safer for me to use as I try to get pregnant after a lot of disappointments. This product is great because it is safe to use while pregnant and while breastfeeding. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that would harm you or get passed on to baby. This face wash has a light feel to it that feels light weight on and leaves my skin feeling clean. It is great for sensitive skin and doesn't have any strong fragrances or chemical smells. Going through invitro (IVF) my skin seems to change every time I change medications and I am happy to find a product like this one that was created for women and the hormonal changes we go though that can really change the condition of our skin. I didn't feel this face wash dried out my skin in any way and I really think you will love it like I do. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.

  • Alan D. Robl - Junk!

    I bought a 32 in. Led in dec. 2012. In dec. 2013 the tv would not turn on. I unplugged it and it worked fine. Then after about a month it did the same thing, only now it needs to be unplugged 10 times and it may turn on. Now, mar. 2014, it won't even turn on. I called company and they can't help me! I may have been helped if I would have called right away:((! Worst tv I ever owned, I just wasted $200, so as of now I purchased a samsung with 4 year warranty! My opinion is the element is junk! Hope this helps.

  • Christopher Laxson - clean easily. Not sure what else you can say about ...

    2015 Renegade Latitude. Fit perfectly, clean easily. Not sure what else you can say about it. As designed, as described!

  • Gustavo Rojas - excelent

    very good product, I recommend ... In addition to being very responsible people when making shipments. I recommend it 100%