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  • nick - Great for newcomers who may already own a console.

    Although I wouldnt recommend it as a first console, esspecially at this point I can say that I would strongly recommend it over every console if you already own a next gen. Not great if you have tons of games on steam but if your a newcomer to steam or pc games then there are tons of titles to enjoy. If this is your main source for big name games then check out an xbox or playstation.

  • Liberty - Beware! Do not spill or use near fans! Destroyed my livelihood for a while!

    I bought this during the summer of 2013 because of an eHow article suggestining it to cool your room. On the product it showed that it can be used in any part of the house. When I first started using it I accidently spilled some on the carpet but did clean it up. I don't remember how so I may have not done a proper clean up. On the product it says to wash the area of the spill. Anyway, I set it beside my bed. I had an oscilating fan blowing over it about 5 feet away. I don't remember the condition of the environment of my room, i.e. whether the A/C was on or if I had left the window open or if the window was closed and no a/c. I also live in a humid area with temps up to 90 fehrenheit.

  • Buckeye46 - Total Waste of Money--Don't Buy!

    As a Nero user since version 5, I have always been happy with the upgrades; but Nero 15 Platinum is a total waste of money. I use Nero Vision to convert video files to DVD, and was happy with the 2014 version. I upgraded to the 2015 version since it stated it was improved over prior versions. Big problem.....When converting a 1GB file to DVD using Nero 2014, the DVD burns at 4 plus GB. When using Nero 2015, it remains at the 1GB size and burns that size to the DVD. I posted the question on Nero's forums, and nobody had an answer to the problem. All settings are the same, so I don't know the problem. I re-installed Nero 2014 and use Nero Vision in that version. Everything else in Nero 2015 seems to work correctly, but it's a waste of money to buy an update when you have to leave the older version installed to get the right results. If you are thinking of making the 2015 purchase, try the Trial version before you spend the money. If you have the 2014 version, you won't gain anything with the new version. Any thoughts, Nero?

  • Kirk Morse - Very easy to install and the sound is great for my ...

    Very easy to install and the sound is great for my 5.0. You can tell the difference on air flow when you hit the accelerator.

  • Lexie Tate (: - It worked the first few tries.. but doesn't anymore.

    Before I bought this product in stores I read the reviews and they were all 4-5 star reviews, so I was like "Yeah! This will definitely work!" My hair is naturally almost spiraled, they're like messy curls that are cute and everything, but I like to straighten my hair a lot. For about 6 months to a year I used this product almost everyday and it worked 30/100. I have a lot of layers so I always try to find hairspray that helps the ends from curling, but this product does not help with frizzing, curled ends, or really anything at all. About 70% of the hair will somewhat stay straight, but Suave doesn't work for my hair either. It also makes your hair very very stiff and feels disgusting unless you brush it out, but then it makes your hair very greasy by the end of the day.