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  • Trisha Schriner - I was excited to get this product because I was ...

    I was excited to get this product because I was hoping it would help me paint my car more effeciently; but unfortunately I found it to be more hassle than it was worth. To be fair I didn't give it much time so maybe their are some tricks to using it, but I was too frustrated to mess with it any longer.

  • akintak - Not bad, but not great

    I am an artist and a gamer, hoping to find a monitor to fit both my passion's needs. The price is a good deal, but you get what you pay for right? You better use an HDMI cable for this monitor because when I used the VGA cables that were provided, the quality and the resolution alignment were horrid. The colors aren't true. I've been using an amazing NEC AccuSync LCD monitor for many years prior and the colors and refresh rate were outstanding. It wasn't widescreen nor was it a big monitor, but its colors and quality were close to godliness. It set my standards high, and I was hoping this AOC monitor would be equally as good, but it did not satisfy. Plus, my Adobe Photoshop CS2 is having compatibility issues with this monitor, and I am in the process of frustration and troubleshooting. The refresh rate is an average 60Hz, since its max resolution is 1980x1080 (1080p).

  • Music lover - Harry Potter Recipe Fun

    The thing I liked the most about the cookbook was that it gave background information about where the foods were used in the books. It would have been nice to have an index by the book for my purposes. It is interesting and fun.

  • Dawn E. Floyd - More Like Real Farming

    This game has some really drastic pros and cons, but I gave it 4 stars because, in the end, I do enjoy it! Figuring it out is not easy, and in a lot of cases, I had to go online and look up 'how to' videos. For me, it was almost as if I had been left a farm and showed up on the property to start taking care of my new farm and equipment that I knew nothing or very little about. AND I've owned farming land in real life with an 8N tractor and other equipment!

  • Ronnie L - To many ads.

    I know magazines are for reading, BUT when all your reading are ads...and the stories they are trying to tell are cut way to short just so they can pack more ads into it. Not good!

  • Amazon Customer - System Hog

    I run a Windows 7 Desktop and Kaspersky slowed it to a crawl, making all tasks take 2-3 times longer than normal. Uninstalled and installed Webroot and all slow down issues disappeared. Very disappointing as I have used Kaspersky for last few years and considered it a great product.

  • Joseph Gary - This item was garbbage. I have been unable to ...

    This item was garbbage. I have been unable to get it to work, the instructions are written poorly, and the construction of the product is very substandard and cheap. Took a chance because it was cheap but i guess you get wht you pay for. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!