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  • Christina L. Taylor - Down with cottage cheese!

    I am not extremely fat (yet), but I just turned 29 and even though I exercise 5 times a week, my thighs are starting to become rebellious cottage cheese factories. So I figured I'd try this product. My first fat cream ever. The product smells like menthol/mint but is not terribly offensive like a skunk or sweaty jockstrap or anything. And it takes a long time to absorb, compared with regular lotion, so you have to walk around your neighborhood pants-less for about twenty minutes longer than usual...putting you at a higher risk for a complaint or even public indecency charge. Walk quickly and get back indoors to examine the results. This miracle whip is pricey - when used as directed for 2 wks, I've already gone through an entire bottle. But I think my thighs do look a little smoother. I'll give it another month (two more bottles?) before making my final judgment. (Coincedentally, I've also replaced all the lightbulbs in my house with dimmer ones and that helps tremendously)

  • Epps - Great Product

    Smells very good, and great conditioning for your hair. I used it for twisting as well as for moisturizing after washing hair.