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  • Lyssarae - Totally intrigued! Great page turner!

    I am really enjoying the start of this series! There are parts that the author is repetitive but it soon evens out. Answers left hanging so I hope they come together nicely. I've come to greatly love reading Jaymin eves stories. I recommend her as an author. I actually avoided this book for a little while but I am glad I finally decided to pick it up. I don't usually get in to details of the story (no spoilers) so Im not about to start now! Happy reading.

  • HuGe - turned it on and I was up and running just like before. (but with a much faster drive)

    I purchased this software hesitantly (with all the negative reviews) to clone my laptop hard drive to an SSD drive. I am running windows 7 pro. It was very simple to do and everything worked as it should. I popped out the old drive and installed the new SSD....turned it on and I was up and running just like before. (but with a much faster drive). My cloning experience was great (although I don't know that I would trust it as a "Backup" solution based on so many others poor experience) !

  • Neil L. Inglis - A MUST READ

    The foreknowledge of the happy ending cannot dim the majestic horror of this book. Shackleton's men take every imaginable punishment, and are stretched beyond all conceivable limits (a few seconds in the icy cold water of the Antarctic would be enough to finish me off!). They endured the cold and wet for two long Antarctic winters, and somehow made it out alive, aided by little more than their wits. This is a good book to rub in the noses of small children (or employers) who are fussing and whining about tiny trivialities.