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  • Mike - I really wanted to like these

    I really wanted to like these. The size is great and the price is great. Unfortunately, the build quality seems awful. After receiving them,

  • Amazon Customer - Bass hate this reel!

    This reel is awesome! With features found in reels selling for 3 times the price. My Shimano Caenans can't compare! The dual braking system results in smooth casting whether you are a pro or amateur. My 10yo grandson loves it too. Ending up buying 4 of these reels, including the faster Legend model. GREAT value!

  • Sportsman2 - Top Seller for a reason. GREAT product

    I bought this product to take pictures while walking on the sea bed at 30 feet down. I tested, as they stated, with tissue paper and all worked well. Then I took the leap of faith and put my phone in the bag and went to the sea bed for a Sea Trek in Grand Cayman. The pressure at that depth means you cannot use the normal buttons so I had to use the volume buttons to take pictures. That meant squeezing the bag slightly to take pictures. This worried me BUT absolutely NO ISSUES with this wonderful product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • Bogey Man - Great bargain for casual golfer

    Great clubs for the money! My old clubs were outdated and beat up, but since I only golf about 12 times a year I didn't want to spend a lot on a new set. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. The fact that Callaway manufactures these clubs was a definite plus. Also, having only used steel shafts on all my clubs I liked that only the driver had a graphite shaft. The 3-wood and 4 & 5 hybrids did not. This has allowed me to begin learning to swing the graphite shaft without having to rely on them completely in my long game. (I have added about 20yds onto my drives with the new driver, though.) The clubs are very forgiving.

  • Terrible-T - Order 1/2 size larger than your regular shoes.

    Puma tend to be small for me so order 1/2 size larger.Sleek, stealthy all black shoe for daily wear but not so much (for me) for running. I will get several more pairs.

  • JeannieAnn Parma - 2013 Tax Book

    As always I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those who prepare the book every year. This year I chose to purchase the e-book. The only problem is that the index is not linked so it makes searching for information a bit more difficult.

  • Dave - Not Happy

    I have taken this product for awhile now and can't say that it's had any effect on my life. It's hard to believe how much they charge for things like this. I wouldn't recommend spending money on this. I'm trying to change my diet, that's probably a smarter way to go.