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  • K. Bug - Strong smell is hard to deal with

    I can't use regular lotions any more, but I have a friend who was looking for a good one, so I gave this to her. It has a really strong smell, and not a very pleasant one. Sort of sour, but not a good smell. It's very thick as well, it's a cream, but exfoliating? So I figured it was more of a bath thing, I don't think that something with pieces in it should be used when you are leaving it on your skin.

  • Xathanael - Fight that 2:30 feeling for less than $0.60 a day!!

    I used to drink a pot of coffee per day, before that I used to drink 2-3 energy drinks per day. These pills give me the same level of energy as the aforementioned activities without the jitters or feeling anxious.


    Omg. I loved this book. Grant it it's not what you usual give us but this was a nice change. Love the mention of some of our old favorite characters. Part 2 please...

  • John Baker - Great Software

    I have been using H&R Block for years. Software is easy to navigate and reliable. The download worked perfectly with no issues at all. I would continue to recommend H&R Block software to friends and family. I would also recommend downloading from