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  • Amazon Customer - Printmaster 2012

    Did not work as well and easily as I thought it would.have given up on it.I wouldn't recommend it. Please check more such products before buying it.

  • E. Trout - Great Product!

    Really helpful product. I used to hold the polish bottle and frequently spilled some. Not, I just put the bottle in this great little holder and slip it on my fingers. Can't believe someone didn't think of this earlier!

  • T. R. - mirror feels as sturdy as the not broken one

    Used it to reattach a mirror to a car that had been broken off. Expanded and sealed really well, mirror feels as sturdy as the not broken one. Now just need to sand and paint around the area as it dries to a foamy yellow.

  • Mira V - Great MP3/4!

    I got this for my husband. He has one he keeps in his truck but he wanted a different one he could use at his job. This seemed like a good option. It has 8 gab. That will hold around 2000 songs which is way more than he has. Also can hold his work list of things to do along with any honey dos I may add in there. Comes with charging cord and earbuds. He is thrilled that it has a game on there. Different examples of things that can be done on it show up on the menu screen. Came packed in a clear hard plastic case. The screen seems to be quite large compared to some others I have seen on the MP4 players.

  • Charles Burns - The pairing bluetooth was straightforward, and connects immediately.

    the Bluetooth Headphones are much better than I expected for the price. I found the headphones absolutely brilliant. As they're incredibly lightweight and look smart in black.

  • Mary Anne - Most comfortable shoes I've bought in a while

    Awesome shoe, just one complaint: since the tongue is completely attached to the shoe, it's hard for someone with high arches to put on and take off. But it's totally worth it in my opinion. These shoes are so comfy and lightweight and easy to wear all day.

  • Morgan - If you want results and a bright white smile, this is where it's at 100%

    This thing went BEYOND my expectations. For $50, I got what most people would get if they went straight to the dentist to get their teeth whitened. I've only used it once, and the results I got after one use is even more than I expected to get out of the entire package. But I still have 4 uses left! I am beyond happy with this product. Other reviews that say it makes their teeth sensitive, must have super sensitive teeth. Another review I read said that it turned their gums white? It does not turn your gums white, but it turns any plaque that was on your teeth super white as well, so floss and brush again when you're done to get all of the left over product off of your teeth. If you want results and a bright white smile, this is where it's at 100%.