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  • Byron Whitesides - Great product, love the usb GPS

    Great product, love the usb GPS. Love the Streets and Trips, and this GPS works with other software I have for marine navigation, an added bonus.

  • HiddenDaisy - As expected on a Mac

    This is a decent version of Word / Excel for use on the Mac. It doesn't have all the bells of the PC version (shocker!), but it has enough to make it reasonably functional. If you're looking for every tip and trick to work on this version that normally works on a PC version, don't buy this. If you're content with getting *most* of the stuff you want, then this purchase will work for you.

  • Kvo Clai - Do it, don't think about it.

    Honestly I can't believe how good this looks. I read a review that said it looks like a garage floor. I think it looks at least as good or possibly even better than laminate. I do have a couple of recommendations. If you have the ability to remove your sink, do it. Spend a lot of time prepping, taping, and sanding. It will pay off in the end. At the end of the day I am happy with my kitchen's appearance, and I would recommend this to anyone that is even half considering it.

  • Roger D. Leahey - Thank you so much Krud Kutter!

    The previous owner of my house had installed super expensive white Berber carpet throughout. I searched for a product that would remove stains caused by my cat occasionally barfing up her brown cat food. (Even healthy cats do this - you just gotta live with it if you want a cat).