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  • rcwu22 - Overall, pretty good

    Only real problem isn't with the machine, it's with the wax on my floor. The steam does a great job cleaning and there is no smell from chemicals, but it does take away some of the shine from the floors. But it does clean really well and vacuuming at the same time is a real time saver. Much easier and more thorough than a mop or hands and knees. A bit of a problem getting really close to the wall and under cabinets - still do those by hand. Have only used a little on hardwood, but plenty of use on tile - best solution we've seen for tile. I would buy again.

  • Noah MacIver - This TV is awesome! I got this model for $270 after taxes ...

    This TV is awesome! I got this model for $270 after taxes on this past black Friday sale at Walmart, and it is just a spectacular TV. I have used it for gaming on my PS4 and Xbox 360 along side used as a second monitor for gaming off my laptop and it looks amazing. The game picture mode is my favorite. Also I have used this for Blu-ray and Netflix. And again... Amazing. I have a samsung 40", a Sanyo 42" and a Vizio 32" in my house and this by far beats picture quality of all of them. The sound is really great also! No real need for a sound bar unless your super picky about it, otherwise the sound will so great. Some of the best sound I've heard on a TV. I'm a very picky person when it comes to electronic devices, and I like mine to be too quality with great features for a great price. This TV accomplished all that. Not to mention it's extremely stylish and a very cool looking finish.

  • Brad Nemeth - This filament is nice and flexible

    This filament is nice and flexible, spooked off the roll smoothlyfor my 16 hour prints. It's is a high quality ABS. I do have more of a problem getting adhesion to my kapton covered heated bed. Peeled up instantly around corners smaller than 5mm radius. Had to slow it down 20% and increase extrusion multiplier 10% for the first layer of raft. After that the layers adhesion and surface quality is great.

  • Thomas G. Jacomet - Perfect rose food!

    Mixed this in with rose fertilizer and have blooms nearly one foot in diameter! Drawback is I can't cut them as they growl at me whenever I get near them with the scissors...and they've eaten several small birds and a stray kitten...

  • Retired Math Person - Good Deal

    Delightful anthology. A very eclectic collection Easy to pick up for short or extended reads when I want a break from longer works.

  • Hutch Crew - Scorpion and other bug killers in a bottle.

    Works great as always. This stuff is amazing and I've been using it for over a year. I purchased because I live in Arizona and scorpions are HARD to stop. My local pesticide guy was pushing the same product for over 100 bucks. Unwilling to commit with seeing the proof, I found this. Ive seen dead scorpions a few days after i sprayed and sprayed one to its death (hubby was at work). Not only does this do the job amd then some but I find that this size does the trick...well for my house exterior amd interior and I tend to dilute lightly. We had a bug prof come out and i showes him what we had and he said, "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff". We just had rain so, I'll be spraying for the spring season tomorrow. ***when dry safe for pets and kids, does not stain or damage anything, little or no odor.****