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  • Elizabeth Arnold - I love it. 3 inches gone.

    I am a female power lifter and lift very heavy and do cardio. When I took this with good diet, I lost 3 inches around my stomach and could fit into some clothes I have not worn in close to a year. It is a great addition to normal dieting. I take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon as I am sensitive to stimulants. I love it. However, if you are looking to sit on your ass and not do anything, not going to be your miracle. Work for your results.

  • Pickngrin - Piece of junk

    This is a cheap piece of junk. It broke during my first project using it (though in all fairness, not on the first day). The unit stopped heating and blowing depending on what position I held it in; when I changed position or shook it, it would start back up. The round plastic piece behind the vent at the end of the gun broke internally and rattled around.