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  • linli - Fine work! The price is a little expensive

    The long-awaited! Finally I want to buy something, the seller shipped fast! Fine work! The price is a little expensive! So 4 stars

  • Vincent - Easy Read with Deep Insights

    This is a great book. I can understand why it's been such a staple for Operations Management courses. I read it for a grad. Op. Mgmt class. It's an easy, entertaining read (in narrative form), and it uses easy to relate to example to illustrate important concepts. I've never worked in manufacturing, and I don't plan to, but this book opened my eyes a lot of widely useful ideas about creating/managing effective processes.

  • Craig Raymond - K & N HP2010 OIl Filter - Outstanding Product

    This is an outstanding oil filter and is superb for use with the high quality performance synthetic oils. I use this filter with Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic in my 5.7 liter Hemi powered Ram 1500. The cleaning qualities and ease of replacement when oil change time comes are unmatched. Even after 6 to 8 thousand miles between oil changes the oil drained from the engine looks like it has never been used. I highly recommend K&N filters for total peace of mind in any RAM truck or other vehicle.

  • Amber Barranger - Perfect for that OCD home owner

    After moving to our new home two years ago I was overwhelmed by the amount of hard surface flooring in our home! We have a 2000 SQ foot home and 3/4 of it is either tile or linoleum flooring. I love the fact that we have so much hard surface flooring but I was going crazy trying to keep it clean! I had tried the swifter both wet and dry, the Steam mop, hands and knees and the old fashion mop. All of these items just seem too wet the dirt and push it around the floor. I purchased one of these and the I cleaned the floor with the Steam Mop and then the Hoover FloorMate I was completely shocked! I had just cleaned the entire hard floor surface as instructed buy the Steam mop instructions and I had BLACK WATER! I have a very clean home my friends often say you can eat off of my floors well let me say they really can after I made the switch to the FloorMate!!!!! I was so shocked I started going over to friends homes and asking them to try the cleaner after they had cleaned their floors with what ever they normally do and every time I used it the water was black!!!! I even went back over mine a second time and the water was almost clear just a little foggy from the soap I think. I can't say enough about this machine it is very easy to use and it does take a time or two to get used to a pattern of which your comfortable moving it about your floors. The soap has a nice smell and does a great job but if you put to much in the floor will feel sticky. I also recommend to others that they should always clean up animal, baby spills etc.... before using this machine so that it doesn't take on the smell by getting stuck in the brushes. I also recommend when you clean the dirty water compartment you should wash it with soap and then let it dry all the way or it will smell when you open it back up. I wash my filter by hand and let it dry once a week and I purchase a new one every three months just to keep it working its best. You can also remove the bottom brushes very easily to clean them if ever need be.

  • hleejpn - but nothing lasted like this lithium battery powered Linx

    We have had our Linx Cordless Vac for over two years, purchased on Amazon. It does everything we expected and more. I have numerous cordless tools, and once the lithium batteries came out and with considerable experience with nicad and others the lithium based batteries beat the others in performance. The only negative I can add is that chargers can be designed and built to quit charging once the battery is charged, eliminating the problem of shortening battery life by leaving it in the charger. I don't know if Hoover has done this yet or not. However, for us, we knew this and do not leave a charged battery in the charger.

  • Kindle Customer - Fun for the whole family!

    This game is fun to play with people of all ages. Easy to play and once I remembered the rules it was on! This game has new pieces (fire and ice). We tried playing with them, but preferred the traditional Sorry.