Porte blindée Bruxelles|Pose porte blindée - Un entreprise pour la pose et la vente de porte blindée à Bruxelles. Porte blindée de Bruxelles est le spécialiste de la pose de porte blindée sur Bruxelles

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Matt Purwin - Great Product

    This was much smaller than I thought it was going to be, it is literally smaller than most cell phones. Looks great, and not made out of cheap plastic like similar products. I live in the city so i didn't experience any radio loss, though I listen to Sirius/iPod mainly. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to give their truck a little added flair.

  • jellybean - Best book I've read in years!

    This is the most engaging book I have read in years, it held my interest from the first page until the last! I looked forward to reading more each day and am missing it now that I am finished. I only wish the author had other books for me to read!

  • Yvette - Versace awesome.

    Great pair. Completely in love with them. Fast shipping. Great customer service. Original. Definitely recommend to anyone who likes to keep stylish and classy. Worth every penny.

  • Sewell Free Radio - Slow

    I ordered the CD. I've been using Quicken since 1986. Generally I upgrade every 2 years so I went from Q2012 to 2014. I have a large file which worked fine under my previous version. Now every time I enter a transaction, I get an hourglass. Crazy. The install was buggy. I had problems with my password vault (it wouldn't take some accounts that were previously there) and couldn't use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-D to delete). I contacted tech support for 2 chat sessions. The first guy had me validate the file (I hate validating the file, it always messes it up, trying to resend transfers, screwing up balances, etc). This time it wiped out every one of my online payee addresses and acct numbers. The second guy was better, truly wanted to help, and fixed everything but the SLOWNESS. So I'm thinking I'll return the product and go back to 2012, then wait to see reviews of 2015. Since Quicken monitors this, I'd be grateful for any thoughts.

  • Theresa14 - Love this!

    I would definitely recommend this car seat stroller adapter. It snaps in very easy and allowed me to use my BOB when my son was a newborn instead of having to wait until he was 8 months old as the stroller recommends.

  • Teri Guthrie - Great so far

    Husband and I are in early 70's and the Sole Fitness is working out great since we live in a rural area with no sidewalks and way too much rain. The treadmill is easy on the joints and so far no problems with the mechanics. Arrived on time and easy to set up, if you read the directions first!!