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  • candida - YOU HAVE TO GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all we all have been there on trying to get the drug cards finished and then finding something to keep them in. I love this organizes everthing and makes it easier to do they are all in order and in a book you can take back and forth to clinicals if needed........I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey S - Chaos on Parade

    I don't know what the previous versions of this book looked liked, but the 2013 edition suggests new "authors" and a product that was tossed together out of bits and pieces of other works. The result isn't pretty. I've already directly notified Frommers about the absurd map of the Metro system on page 80 that omits 5 metro stations including the Vatican. If I didn't have previous experience in Europe I would be scratching my head trying to figure out what I would need to get by electronics to work in Rome [Page 934 refers you to your local electonics store] and the "Telephones" section on pages 940-941 leaves me clueless as to how to call the nearby pizza place in Florence. Indeed, the authors seem to have an impressive ignorance of the REAL problmes most of us face as travlers. Want to know if and how to take the bus from Florence to Sienna, and the schedule, and whether there is such a thing as a reservation? You won't find it here.

  • seth h gregory - ... is worth more the gold if you give a crap about you paint job on your car

    this stuff is worth more the gold if you give a crap about you paint job on your car. never use anything but this.

  • t2000 - not as pictured

    Very dissapointed!!! There were multiple pictures showing a box with 4 bottles of the garden blend and 4 bottles of the orchard blend. I received only one of each making two bottles total. Nowhere on the listing did it say only one bottle of each until now on this review.

  • VSmith - This was very easy to setup

    This was very easy to setup. I had no issues and works well with the wireless keyboard and mouse I purchased, Anker brand. No issues at all. My dumb T.V. just got smart...

  • Trudy J Bender - I LOVE this machine...

    I have been using a Floormate for 10 years now. My old model recently broke and I immediately purchased this one as a replacement. This machine is a wonder and I am grateful and amazed every single time I use it. I have real wood floors throughout my home and there is no other way of cleaning such a floor that actually vacuums the dirty water up and out of the seams and cracks. I have a thing for clean floors, but the first time I used the Floormate I was shocked to come away with a container of thick dirty water with an inch of sand at the bottom. I ran it again and got another bucket of filthy water and sand. If you are washing your floor but can't see where all the dirt is going, you aren't really washing your floor. It is the dirt and those tiny particles of sand that wear away the finish on your floor and eventually cause it to look old and dull, even after cleaning. No mop or swiffer or steamer can get that sand up and off your floor the way the Floormate does. It used to take me hours to get a floor that was only somewhat cleaner than when I started. Now in less than an hour I can do the entire first floor of my home, dump out several containers of very dirty water (and always sand...where does it come from?), and have sparkling clean floors. The finish on my floor has lasted for a decade and still looks new. I recommend a floormate to everyone who walks in the door and says, "Wow, your floors are beautiful." This happens often.