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  • Thomas Jackson - A little awkward

    I find the tube from the base to the cuff to be too short - so it is awkward to use. That said, it is straightforward, and I like the ability to email a .csv file that contains date/time/BP readings/heart rate to my doctor.

  • Eddie - Walk in knowing the test

    I purchased this book with a month of study time before the test. The explanations for each section of the test were very easy to understand. Reading the book gives you a nice background on the test and the testing procedures that take place when you get there (such as things you can bring to the test, break times, etc). After going through the book, I knew what to expect during test day and was very confident taking my test. Would highly recommend to any student applying to grad school!

  • w sato - mmm lemon pepper

    love lemon pepper, i put it on practically everything. what more is there to say, just needed a big jar.

  • Mike - so far so good I waited about 4-5 days to give the review ...

    so far so good I waited about 4-5 days to give the review and if it fails to work later down the road I will fix this, but I had a fairly bad leak, about a 1/2 gallon to a gallon of coolant lost a week along with some oil poured some of this in a truck I'd rather not work on cause of it being older than I am with lots of other issues and so far so good!

  • Johnny92 - Perfect match! Easy DIY

    Great buy! Perfect match for my sliver wheels. I currently had some curb rashes on my Enkei wheels. I decided to take it upon myself to do this simple DIY project. This can be down with the wheels still on the car, but much easier when they are off. You can easily touch up without needing to paint the whole wheel, it will blend nicely if done correctly.