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  • meilingli - It comes in a nice case that has black foam to tightly hold all ...

    This blackhead removal kit is very impressive. It comes in a nice case that has black foam to tightly hold all 5 instruments. Other sellers don't offer this and I think it's a definite need to keep these all in good shape and so I don't loose them. All 5 tools are double needed giving you 10 different options to help extract. If you are a beginner it can seem overwhelming with all these options in this professional set but they do include a nice reference sheet to tell u recommendations for each kind of tip which I thought was helpful. The loop ends are nice and thin and make extracting with just a swipe easy! The lancet that's included is very fine and very sharp to make the smallest access to drain fluid. There is also a protective cover on that end which is nice. I honestly don't have anything negative to say about this kit I am pleased with it and would recommend to others.

  • kaka10 - Awesome wallet case!

    I honesty love this case. I've tried so many different type of wallet cases, but nothing like this one. I can put 2 credit cards, ID, and work badge. It has a nice grip so not worried about slipping off my hand. The magnetized rubber door is perfect for my magnet car mount. I just wish they can make gold or white.

  • Thomas A. Elliott - Head Gasket Fix really works!

    My '97 Firebird Formula has accumulated just over 148k miles on the clock. One morning I pulled up in my parking place at work and noticed the engine was loping at idle like it was missing on one cylinder. I thought it must be vacuum lines and waited until the weekend to have a look. Drove another car in the meantime. I did find a broken Emissions "hard line" and replaced it. Still idled with a lope but I also noticed lots and lots of steam coming from the exhaust that didn't go away. I let it cool and checked the coolant which was quite low. This means it has a "Bad Head Gasket". I checked around and was quoted $2700 for head gasket replacement and over $4000 for a Jasper engine swap. I decided to tackle the job myself but the weather is much too cool right now. I decided to try Bars Leaks Head Gasket Fix. Following the directions I found that it works! This isn't a permanent fix but solves the problem until Spring arrives. This is a great product!

  • kalijega - like i said before it is way better that HCG

    This is one week after using the product... like i said before it is way better that HCG... I have lost 8 pounds since Sunday today is Friday..... it works way better than expected... I am really really happy it is worth every penny and more...

  • Katheine B. Denning - Great in every way

    Great in every way. I had just purchased a new stove and it had the "usual" 'tinny' like drip pans. I immediately changed them out after receiving these. Much easier to clean, conduct heat much better. I highly recommend anyone having a coil-top stove to use these GREAT Porcelain drip pans; you will like them much better.

  • D. Nagy - Great cast, dazzling special effects and humanity momentarily wins ...

    Great cast, dazzling special effects and humanity momentarily wins out over self-serving self preservation. I couldn't believe that many people could afford to pay $1,000,000,000.00 a ticket to secure a place on one of the arks!

  • Charles S. - Purchase process easy - Quality is what I expected

    Matching the right liners to my truck was an easy process. The liners were what I expected them to be.