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  • Ronnie - I LIked IT

    I agree with some reviews that Lacey's job was only in play for a chapter or two. Jack enters the picture as a owner of a building where Lacey's friend, (who was abducted by a serial killer) skeleton shows up. These two are thrown together. Brody, a brooding good looking ex-boyfriend now friend is thrown in the mix. An ex husband with an axe to grind, a killer that is dead resumes killing people. You have suspence, romance, drama and lots of action. What more do you need in a book. I had a few issues with all the references to real serial killers but still a good read. I felt the end wrapped up rather quickly. It could have used a bit more suspense there. Lacey at times struck me as TSTL. The killer's after her and of course she's not going to go into hiding...go figure. Still a good book.

  • KaRo - E-salon team "listens"

    I decided I wanted to change up the color and sent in writing a description. The color came with explicit directions and turned out just as I had hoped.The e-salon team did a great job of interpreting what I wanted and explaining the new how-to. I recommend e-salon to all of my friends and family. The quality of the product seems equal to what I paid a lot more for at a salon.