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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6156 Moscow, Russia

  • Larry Richmond - Horable support!! Scam!!

    I've purchased this product three times and been charged more than my purchase price to get support to make it usable. I regret ever buying it to start with!!!

  • Elena 5930 - great for my Apnea

    The quality of this product is very good and it works well with my Resmed Apnea machine. By sealing the mouth it allows you to breathe thought your nose eliminating snoring. For people with Sleep Apnea on a Machine (central, obstructive or mixed apnea) this has a slightly different function. By keeping your month closed it prevents the Apnea machines positive pressure from exiting your mouth when you use a nasal mask. Without this strap I would wake up with a very dry and sore throat and terrible night’s sleep. The day after I received my Apnea machine I had so much more energy and within a week I was jogging and exercising. One extremely important note: If your head size is XL it will probably not fit you and it barely fit for me but I stretched it to fit. If you have a small to medium head then it should work fine. This sleep chin strap is very comfortable. I forget about it after a few minutes of wearing.