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City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • Ramesh S. - my computer works great and I can even use my computer for banking ...

    Once my computer was infected by a malware, which this product cannot protect from. Other than this incident, my computer works great and I can even use my computer for banking with confidence. Overall it is a good product.

  • Connor J. Davies - Great concept, terrible in practice.

    It's an okay printer in a lower price bracket--but for the price paid (and currently listed-- $499.00) this printer is a disaster. I love the Ecotank feature, but the issues we've had with it simply do not redeem this purchase. Even plain paper it struggles to feed every time either through the scanner ADF or through the paper tray itself, and on a daily basis throws a good ol' "Paper Jam/Out of Paper" error requiring someone to go eject the paper tray, only to find there's plenty of paper left. Reengaging the paper tray and hitting the gray or blue "Print" button and the printer suddenly continues as if nothing happened! It can be rather frustrating as we use the same paper in a number of other HP and Brother printers... even a cheap $88 Brother has never given near as much trouble. Changing the paper to a different stock seemed to remedy the issue--but only temporarily and the issue returned. Currently shopping for a RELIABLE replacement, as this one simply can't perform.

  • Brian - Fast modem, terrible wireless router

    First off, I am not new to routers or technology but this thing is difficult to set up. The settings menu is not intuitive and is quite confusing.

  • Helen Carr - Good value

    This is a good doghouse for the money. It will take 2 people to put it together, or at least, it took 2 of us. I'm only 5;4" tall & my arms weren't long enough to hold one piece while fitting another so my husband (who is disabled) had to help but we got it together. It does need a mat or something in the bottom & it is lightweight so you will want to put it somewhere the wind won't take it.

  • Stuffing Boy - I would strongly recommend avoiding this product.

    I would strongly recommend avoiding this product: My Acronis backup started failing within the second week of daily backups. The result of two weeks backups was only a collection of corrupted backup files. Recovery from catastrophic error/failure with this product maybe unlikely if the product never creates usable backup images. Backup process itself was problematic, sometime requiring manual intervention, other times simply failing for no apparent reason. Since I don’t intend to wait and watch the backup progress for 3-4 hours per day, any backup solution which requires frequent input from user is completely unworkable.

  • Robert J. Plumlee - Zero Customer Support

    I purchased Sage Act 2012 and have never been able to get the program to interact appropriately with Windows 7 Pro. I repeatedly get a message that SQL processes are not functional specifically MSSQL$ACT7 Service unavailable. When I called "Customer Service I was informed that for a fee of $289 I could purchase product support. First: Why do I need to buy products support when the program is defective? Second: The Technical Support is, to quote Sage, "Provided by third party vendors and Sage Software extends no warranty as to the quality or effectiveness of the service provided"

  • EUGENE CANAVAN - Excellent Value

    A friend recommended this and it was perfect for a short trip. It fit in the overhead compartment of a small regiomal plane and holds a lot.