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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • L. Flim - Best FM transmitter I've yet seen.

    *backstory* I went through quite a few bluetooth FM transmitters before I found a good one back in 2011, and that was the Flexsmart X2. Over the years I bought 3 of them; one of them broke and was replaced after being left in a hot car for a month (I think thats what did it at least) and I bought one for my fiancee. I thought that was the golden standard of FM transmitters because at the time, no other one I tried came close! That being said, it did feel a bit cheaper than I'd like, the controls were a bit sensitive and I'd find myself switching the station when I was trying to change the volume, and it was still prone to background fuzz and whine every so often.

  • GoDog Engineering - 2D

    I bought Autocad LT because I couldn't afford the full 3D version. This product works exceedingly well for 2D applications, I just wish that it could include some of the simpler 3D stuff.

  • Leonard Jones - Map Updates

    Not updated as should be using online maps seem to up have streets update. plats that have been created after 2000 are still lacking

  • Kindle Customer - $20 apps. No, I am serious. 20 freaking dollar apps

    I cannot begin to say how completely unsatisfied I am with this "tablet." It's junk. I bought it for my four year olds birthday because he absolutely loves my kindle fire. I was expecting great graphics, great games, but sadly we were just greatly disappointed.

  • T. Ellis - Great, versatile bag

    I used this bag as a day bag for a recent trip to Europe. It seemed too big at first but turned out to be perfect sized. Well laid out and comfortable to wear. Nice pockets for water bottles on each side. The only complaint I have is that the carry handle is integrated with the shoulder straps in an awkward way. A separate handle would be much more comfortable and natural.

  • jellybean - Best book I've read in years!

    This is the most engaging book I have read in years, it held my interest from the first page until the last! I looked forward to reading more each day and am missing it now that I am finished. I only wish the author had other books for me to read!