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  • RiskyBusiness - You have to suspend all belief of reality to read this book.

    The hero spent his time lusting after a woman he met in a garden at a masquerade party. Seriously, Clara, was too sedate and would bore him, as he said after a few months. Really? They even have a sexual episode, that stopped before intercourse, but he still didn't know it was really Clara and was thrilled to have found the woman from the masquerade. Hero? Then he found out for sure Clara was the woman in the garden, before he went after her and after he had been caught kissing her by witnesses and got angry at her and accused her of trying to catch him. This is all to much to believe any woman, even a desperate woman, would put up with. Then even after the marriage,, guess what? they had to return to the garden to finish his fantasy and HE said that he thought their journey had finally begun and he would love her forever. Which one? The masquerade character, since he had to finish and start the rest of their tryst after marrying, or was he referring to Clara his wife. He was no hero.

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