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  • Arixtra® - Arixtra® | GSK Health Bulgaria | Public Site | (фондапаринукс натрий (fondaparinux sodium)) - Arixtra е лекарство, което помага за предпазване от образуване на кръвни съсиреци вкръвоносните съдове
  • Avodart - Avodart | GSK Health Bulgaria | Public Site | (Дутастерид (dutasteride)) - Обзор на продукта Аводарт(дутастерид),лечение за мъже с уголемена простата (или доброкачествена хиперплазия на простатата, ДПХ).
  • Duodart - Duodart | GSK Health Bulgaria | Public Site | (Всяка твърда капсула съдържа 0,5 mg дутастерид (dutasteride) и 0,4 mg тамсулозин хидрохлорид (tamsulosin hydrochloride),)) - Описание на продукта Дуодарт, лечение за мъже с уголемена простата (или доброкачествена хиперплазия на простатата, ДПХ).
  • GSK Health Bulgaria | Public Site | Относно този сайт - Добре дошли на сайта Health.gsk за широката общественост
  • GSK Health Bulgaria | Public Site | Декларация за поверителност - Интернет Политика за защита на личните данни

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  • Tori - Brand new booty

    Only used this product for a month. Great result, started seeing the differences in two weeks. Tried to buy again, but out of stock. Waiting for Jan 20,2011 to reorder. Affordable price too, hope it stay the same.

  • Gwen - CREDIT CARD SCAM!!!!!! Please read reviews and BELIEVE them!!!!

    I have never written a review before but this is such a fraudulent company I felt I owed it to hard-working good people to not get taken in by this. Please listen to all the other reviewers. I unfortunately did not read the reviews until I placed my order. I cancelled it within minutes after I read Amazon reviews. Once this deceptive company got my credit card, they debited $189.00 not once but twice, the other $189.00 a week later. They were probably hoping people don't check their accounts. I got charged twice, even after I cancelled. Never even received a product to do business with them. I had to cancel my debit card also as so many others have said. IT IS TRUE WHAT REVIEWERS are saying! This company should be arrested. The Better Business Bureau warns against them and does not recognize them as a legitimate company. If I have saved just one person from going through what I went through with having to cancel my debit card and having to deal with this, it will be worth it. As others have said, if their product was so good they wouldn't need to resort to these underhanded dishonest tactics!

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    This replaced a 23-year-old spring mattress, so I can't say how it compares to memory foam, latex, what-have-you. But this mattress feels great. It's definitely like nothing else I've felt before. Lying on the mattress feels like you're being held: I feel equal pressure along my body where it comes in contact with the mattress. With my old mattress, I'd feel more pressure on my hip and shoulder (I'm a side-sleeper), but not with this one. This makes you feel like you weigh less, if that makes sense. We've only had the mattress for about 3 days so far, and I was expecting to take a week or more to adjust to the new feel, but I'm definitely sleeping more soundly already, and not shifting positions all through the night.

  • Pamela Bettinger - Memory

    Neutropix has made a huge difference in my memory recall. No longer losing my keys, phone, etc. I love this product.

  • Disapointed - Nice idea but not quality product

    This was the second unit I purchased. The first had a defective sd-card and it was returned. I purchased it again (replacement was not offered as an option). The second projector started to make noises after 2-3 days. I attempted to get Amazon support for the product bit a communication failure resulted in a second return.

  • Alisa Montano - not good for me

    I really wish i liked this product - but i keep getting skin reaction after i take it. In 2-5 minutes my skin gets spoting red, burning and itching all over my legs, elbows, wrists, ears and butt. I ve never gotten reaction like that before. I tried to take a smaller dose, but still get the reaction.

  • Dennis - Big disappoint

    Book is hard to read ...... the information is all run together in one paragraph. It is also hard to handle....should have been spiral bound. Sorry I bought it. Will continue to use my 2011 EXIT NOW book. This book needs to be put back on the market!!