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  • TheSwiss - Clear and logical

    I bought the Kindle version of this book. The author makes a great case for the use of DHEA together with a logical lifestyle plan. I now use DHEA daily and feel absolutely great. I would recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in optimizing their health.

  • bhambelcanto - Do not buy this product! Causes chemical burns, sores, hair loss, and worse!

    Do not buy this harmful product !!! I bought this product a few weeks ago for my 14 yr old indoor cat who had been scratching a lot. Topical flea products are a pain with the oily mess and having to remember the monthly dose, so I thought this would be great. Product packaging states that mild skin irritation is possible and will pass. Three weeks in, and she has huge bald patches around her neck, with scabs and weeping sores, all directly in a ring around/under the collar. She has also been very tired and lethargic, has lost weight, and been vomiting clear fluid, which is very unusual for her. I will be contacting Bayer for a refund. I have read MANY reviews from other pet owners, both cat and dog, with similar experiences, and many worse ones (seizures, etc.) Please help spread awareness that this product can harm or even possibly kill your fur babies!!!