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  • Bosendorfer - I highly recommend this product

    I highly recommend this product. I balked at first about getting this or putting out the money for it. I am very glad I did in the long run. I use this spray lacquer to finish wood products. It is extremely useful for this purpose and helps me apply a balanced finish coat.

  • smallfries - I loved this bath mat

    I loved this bath mat! It was really easy to place in the tub and didn't move around at all. I even had to adjust it and it was easy enough to pull up and re-stick in a different part of the tub. I got it in white and it blends right in with the tub. It was comfortable to stand on as well, it didn't have a weird feeling on my feet. I definitely recommend this bath mat.

  • Beewee - Never liked red wine until now...

    When I drank wine, I always drank white wine. I never liked red because I found the flavors harsh. A friend purchased the Aervana for me as a gift and told me that it would change my mind about red wine. With nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. It took away the hash flavors I didn't care for and now brought out the softer, fruitier flavors I love! I didn't realize that the red wines I didn't like were good wines, they just needed aeration!

  • Mark BLair - very smart decision if you want to do good on this ...

    this really helped me out! very smart decision if you want to do good on this test. After using the study guide i felt prepared, and sure enough i was! great purchase!!

  • Ryster - Read this before installing...

    I purchased this to replace an expiring Norton Internet Security license. Initially, I attempted to install the McAfee product from the CD that was included in the package. The product installed, and then when it went to update it failed. I uninstalled the product and tried again. Same issue. Turns out the CD contains a build of version 11 that is known to have a corrupt McAfee Anti-virus engine. I uninstalled the product, ran the McAfee Product Removal tool from the McAfee site, and then tried to install again. This time I did a web-based installation instead of the CD based installation. That solved the problem. It pulled down version 12 from the web and is running perfectly so far.

  • Mike F. - Great for Wizards, Witches and Muggles.

    Magically fun cookbook. My wife and I love Harry Potter stuff and got this for the holidays. The pages and design are really cool as it looks very authentic and with antiqued pages. Each recipe has a brief description of when, where, and who the dish took place in the stories. Though we haven't seen every recipe in the book, as there are quite a bit, the ingredients call for quality delicious ingredients from scratch.