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  • Michelle ( Mickey ) - Awesome for thick wavy hair

    I would highly recommend the Kendra Texturizing Taffy for those with wavy hair like mine. It smells great, works better than any hair spray without the stiffness and gives volume to the hair. The best part is,,, you only need a dab so it lasts a very long time. I put a dab in the palm of my hand, clap my hands together to get it on each and then smooth it through my hair. My hair dresser introduced me to it about 4 years ago.

  • cwgrl1234 - So first let me start by saying this light has a brushed copper like metal and it seems extremely sturdy

    I am soooooooo excited to have gotten the chance to receive and review this product!! I wanted one of these for Christmas last year and they were such a hot item, we never found one and then people were having problems with them being stolen out of their yard. So first let me start by saying this light has a brushed copper like metal and it seems extremely sturdy. It's is pretty heavy too so not something that can easily be broken unless you intentionally try to. The lights are super bright and vivid! I turned it on in the house just to test it and it was like a rock star party for my little girls. I must admit that even my husband is a little giddy over this for Christmas time as we always try to do a pretty big display. This will put the cherry on top of our decor this year and hopefully many more years to come. It comes with a removable stake that screws on and off of the actual light fixture. You can position the light at different angles once it is on the stake. The cord almost every bit of 20 feet and a sturdy cord as well. This is an indoor/outdoor light so it can be used during unfavorable weather and the cord will withstand the elements. As far as the different lighting options, you kind of have to play with the remote to figure it out. Now I set this light outside and used the remote from the inside to test it out and it worked, but it took holding the button for a few seconds to get it to respond to the command I was using on the remote. The green lights alone are pretty spectacular and bright, but the red seem to be spaced out farther and there aren't as many when you just have the red on. The flashing pattern can be slowed or sped up with the remote and gives quite a dancing show on a house. This broadcasts a pretty large range. Our house is about 75 feet long in the front and it covered from one end to the other at the proper distance without really noticing a decline in the light show. Overall, I am glad I bought this product and can't wait to put it out at Christmas! As for the remote and the battery, you will have to find that at your local Radio Shack or other comparable store. It is a smaller barrel battery.

  • Terri V - Bend for Dante is a no brainier

    I have received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. The characters were well written and the chemistry between the two main characters was scorchingly hot and fan worthy. The drama that they encounter is nail biting and keeps you guessing. Another out of the park for this author.

  • James H. - This has PLENTY of power for Web surfing and Document processing, this could replace your PC

    This "Computer" has performed MUCH better than I expected. It comes preinstalled with Windows and have installed many programs and works flawlessly.

  • Amy Thompson - Great Quality

    This is an amazing stroller. I had the City Select and it just doesn't compare to the quality and ease of use of this one. Everything about this one is easier, the fold, the push, the seat recline. The finish and material are also very nice. Would highly recommend!

  • Buddha3233 - Love this book

    Love this book! I needed direction , being a diabetic, and all the information I need to fast sucessfully is here!