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  • Regalia Great Pyrenees-Pyrs - Everything you should know about the Great Pyrenees breed BEFORE You buy one! Personality quirks,Health issues,Temperament, LGD,Faq's etc. What to look for in a Breeder. How to evaluate a litter/puppy. Training,links, books, pictures.

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    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Cassandra Lovelace - Gave me a stomach ache but might work better for others.

    Doesnt make me feel jittery but does make me feel weird like I feel hungrier than I was before taking the pills but they do make me feel fuller faster too so it was just weird.. I took these for about a week and got a stomach ache a few times so I stopped taking them because I guess they just didnt agree with my system, no clue why but they just arent for me, I did recieve these at a promotional discount though in exchange for my review and I wish they had worked for me and they might have if I had tried them longer but I hope they work for whoever else gives them a try! :)

  • maxi-mum - whatever next?

    ...... its bad enough that we are supposed to wax off every single hair that dares to raise its little follicle, - just how are we expected to check what colour our bits are seeing as by the time they lose their " rosy hue" many of us acquire a rounder tum that means any investigation of the nether regions requires a system of mirrors to rival the ballroom at Versailles and a flexibility of the lower limbs that is no longer easily achievable..and is majorly reliant on the juxtaposition of the loo and bathroom sink...thus putting one in a position so precarious that any weakness in the towel rail is liable to result in an extremely painful and embarrassing trip to A&E. And this brings its own problems as you only have 12 minutes before the ambulance arrives in which to make up a plausible excuse for just how you ended up trapped down the side of your loo with 2 hand mirrors and a glass topped vanity case..............

  • Veda Crumbry - Simple and Easy

    Instructions were super easy and I programmed it myself in less than 5 minutes!! When I dropped my keys it broke super easy! Like broken it doesn't work anymore!

  • Jean Burke - I love this product

    I love this doesn't burn and is easy to use. We are using this on plants, vegetables and trees alike. Love it.

  • Aphrael - To my real surprise, these things really do work

    For years I have been watching these battery desulfators for years with great skepticism. When they first came out, when DIY, assemble-yourself kits were the first available versions, I tried one that didn't seem to work. Now that some apparently well-engineered factory versions are available. and after reading so many positive anecdotal reviews, I decided to give this BatterMinder 2012 a try. I have been skeptical because it seems impossible to find the results of any controlled test of these devices. This caused me to suspect that this is voodoo science. But, I had five weak to very weak batteries to replace, and I decided to try my own study.

  • Etselec - 100 fun stories all in one book!

    My husband bought 100 Fun Stories for our son because he loved 50 Fun Stories for 3-7 Year olds so much. Sharlene Alexander is an absolutely amazing children's author! With 100 stories this book is a steal for the money!