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  • casey - I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so ...

    I took my test in nov an got a 64 an passed the program I needed to get in.. I also got the flash cards. I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so I study the reading an math section only, those are pretty much the big things on majority of the exam.

  • Paul - mopar

    This product is very nice. The directions for this were sorta complex but if you follow step by step you shouldnt have a problem putting them in. They work perfectly and adjust to your turn signal. I ordered them 1 day shiping and didnt get them for 2 days but hey they make up for it. So 5 stars for this one.

  • LadyNai - For years I have struggled with nails that have peeled and chipped easily - I type nonstop for work and working on ...

    So I did have a small amount of skepticism with these but I don't have too much of it at this point.

  • D. Wilson - This stuff really works!

    This stuff really works! Not only does it relieve pain but it reduces swelling, too! I use it on knees, hands, and neck.

  • Pen Name - Alpha Brain and Redbull

    I just received it yesterday and I took one pill in the morning with a big breakfast. After a few hours I didn't feel a thing. I didn't know that the more you use it, the better it starts to work to open up the pathways necessary for improved cognition.

  • TomG - Easy to Install and Sturdy

    Easy to install, no tools needed except a rubber hammer/mallet to get pieces into slots. A regular hammer with a block of wood or wrapped in a towel would work too. Yes, it is heavy, but that's what you want if you are storing heavy items on it like I am. Don't place. or drag, it on anything you care about after you set it up. The steel angle iron feet will destroy the floor. If you have an epoxied garage floor I would recommend attaching wooden 'feet' to the bottom of the rack using the 1st open slot (if set up per directions this one will be open anyway).

  • Taia Belloff - Come from China, takes a month

    Be warned, this products shipped straight from China! So it takes a month to get to your house and you'll never know when it actually comes or if it's even real! Something they don't post in the product description