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    Very good product to smooth out aging sun damaged skin, yet with the active ingredient Retinol (sp?) you will experience dryness then as it sloughs off your skin feels rejuvenated.

  • JonK - Very Good Anti-Malware Suite with Integrated Computer Maintenance Features

    The main part of this well-rated security suit is available (usually for less money) in Norton's Internet Security package. Norton 360 adds automatic backup capabilities (either to a local drive or to the cloud--the latter limited to 2 GB without further cost) and some very modest system maintenance tools (like a registry cleaner). While the license to use this on up to three PCs in a household or small office is a big plus, note that one year license begins with installation on the first PC.

  • Bill - Great Tax Program

    I am retired and my tax return is simple. I also helped two of my sister in laws do their taxes with this program.