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  • Grateful Mom - A great alternative to bleaching.

    I am very saitsfied with this product. I have been using it for about 6-8 weeks. I noticed changes in the shade of my teeth the first week of use and it has continued. Is it is as white as bleaching, no, but it is more natural plus I don't have the sensitivity to both my teeth and gums that I did when I bleached. This product actually seems to be improving my gums. I had to stop bleaching due to my sensitivity issues. I am ecstatic to have found this product and definitely hope it continues to work for me.

  • Amy Wiley - OK clock

    I think the usefulness of this clock will just depend on the kid. Mine did not seem to pay attention to whether it was green or red when he got up so we quit using it. I didn't like that you have to reset it every night to get the lights to come on. It's a cute clock to just have set up anyway.

  • Ali Thomas - ''NO High Yield images'' in ebook version

    I purchased the ebook version of the book and I would not advised anyone to buy the ebook but the actual book. Here is why?

  • Stephen Mack - Excellent Hair Remover With NO Irritation

    I order this product from Amazon because it is far more effective than the newer version of the same product sold in stores that now only comes in a pump dispenser. This cream really does a terrific job without irritating my skin.