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  • Rocky Shopper - What a miserable piece of software

    I have used Quicken for about 15 years, and I find that the program has steadily become more flaky over the years. I bought Q2014 months ago, but waited until recently to install because my Quicken 2011 has been "sunset"-ed and so I can no longer download data, and I thought if I waited long enough to install then I would avoid the pain many earlier Q2014 users were suffering through. We are up to version 7 since release of Q2014, and I am very dissapointed--hardly any real changes in features--just some things moved around, really--but it runs poorly and I had issues with corrupted files when importing my data files. (At one point, I had two sets of data files going so I could run Q2011 and Q2014 side-by-side to check for data errors.)

  • Robert - Robert's Review

    As the series went farther and the characters developed I really enjoyed the titanic struggle this society was going through. Great potential, I look forward to next book.

  • N. Keehn - Powerful Signal, and Easy to setup (RT-AC87U or RT-AC87R)

    I purchased this router after trying the Netgear Nighthawk X6 and finding the range and compatibility to be subpar. The goal was to replace my aging, though mostly reliable RT-AC66U with one which provided superior range, and in this regard this router performed superbly.

  • Mike Hershberger - Great product!!

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this anti snore chin strap, but after using it for a week, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works. I thought it might be uncomfortable and keep me awake at night, but to the contrary it was just what I was looking for. It adjusts to the size of your head and the Velcro stripes keep it in place for the whole night. On top of that, it actually works!! I am getting a comfortable nights sleep and no more dry mouth in the morning. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  • Sierra Wilson - Had the opposite effect & made thyroid worse

    Two of my kitties have Hyperthyroid and have been on Methimazole for a while now. I chose to get this product after reading so many positive reviews. I wanted to try something different, mainly because one of them was not responding as well to the methamizole as she used to, and her thyroid levels remained high despite increasing her dosage multiple times. The drops were very easy to administer, as you can just put it on top of their wet food. They didn't seem to mind the flavor at all (supposedly bacon-flavored), which was a plus, because they don't take pills very well. However, I was very disappointed because after using it for a little over 2 weeks exactly as directed, her thyroid levels SKYROCKETED. The Vet was shocked to see them that high. They increased substantially compared to when she was on the methamizole. She also lost nearly half a pound in that time period, which is A LOT, especially considering prior to starting this she was only just over 5 pounds. My other cat lost his appetite, which is very unlike him, and was losing weight as well. I really wanted this to work. Maybe it does for some, but not mine.

  • Michele Lasa - handyman or woman in your life

    Makes a great gift for any handyman or woman in the home. Nice heavy duty 40 piece set includes 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch drive sockets, molded plastic case. It chrome plated to resist rust makes it great if you get stick outside in the rain. The price is very reasonable and cheap compared to other tools with the amount of tools. Yes buy this set.

  • Dis Guy 123 - Don't buy if you have a FM Transmitter!

    I did not purchase this item from Amazon, but my Celica came with the 3 inch stubby antenna when I bought it. I must say it gets decent reception for the most part, but it's not great. Living in the outskirts of the 5th largest city in Tennessee, I only have have reception issues with one station (My favorite). My biggest problem with this antenna is not related to reception of radio station. I have a $80 Belkin FM Transmitter that I use to play my music since I have the original 14 year old head unit. My antenna location is on the rear right of my car, and the sound quality would always be distorted and staticy. I have used the same Transmitter in other cars with the factory "whip" antenna and had no problem with sound quality. Someone recently stole that pos off my car, so now i have a reason to get a better one. I'm buying a 13 inch flexible antenna as a replacement from AntennaX. They make them custom fix for individual cars, and have excellent reviews.