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  • Amazon Customer - where are the pics? this is a travel magazine and not a travel journal...

    I have come to enjoy reading National Geographic Traveler because it usually couples great articles with wonderful images of the places being covered. The kindle version only has one image per article and does not even have the feel of an online magazine that I have seen on other sites. I was greatly disappointed and don't even want to bother finishing the 14-day trial. If they improve the quality of the kindle version, I will consider getting it in the future. But it must feel as if I am actually getting the magazine version and not some ebook version.

  • Kindle Customer - Disappointed

    What bothered me most was the way it ended. The story did not end. You know another book will be written so that you can pay another 15 bucks to find out how it all finally ends.

  • Amy B Pence - Good while it lasted.... 30 minutes!!

    Machine actually worked great for the first 10 racks of balls, good speed, distance and kids had a great time using it. Until a ball slipped under the catapult arm in between pitches and got stuck. I was trapped and there is no self release, took a bunch of time to take apart to extract the ball. Frustrating... hope it does not happen again.

  • L. MCINTYRE - Excellent

    I use this program instead of Turbo Tax because I can put it on more than one computer and it functions completely.