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  • Olivia - Great product

    It smells great and is easy to use. My skin stays moisturized and the product arrived within a few days. Worth the money.

  • SKing - This Product Did More Than Make My Hair Grow!!!

    I can say that I am very pleased with this product!!! I purchased this product on April 28th 2011 and started using it in May. I noticed how my hair growth has increased more taking Nzuri and using my natural hair products. This product is so worth it because you receive a 32oz bottle and it's easy to swallow or you can mix with water or juice. My hair and my little girls hair has become stronger and longer.

  • M. Nance - Works but may not give you what you're looking for

    I HATE MOPPING. Mopping is definitely my least favorite job. It really isn't all that much trouble to sweep the floor, then grab a mop, run some hot water into the sink and mop the floor; however, I just hate doing it. So when I saw this, I thought this would be a device that would take all that work and put it into one unit and everything would just be gravy. Not so much.

  • JulesAnn - Fun! Bring back Just Sweat!

    I love this game, and have a few of the others. Sometimes however, it skips or freezes. In addition, it seems a lot harder than the other Wii Dances! However, we love it!

  • Ralph Raymond Hays - Bad upgrade, stick with a previous version.

    My experience with the 2014 update puts me in agreement with other negative reviews.. This version is replete with bugs and has cost me time composing and arranging as well as interfering with classroom demonstrations in my college Music Theory classes. Had I known what an inferior product version 2014 is, I would have stuck with version 2011 and not purchased it. I have contacted tech support, but have been given no helpful suggestions and was told to appreciate the "many improvements and added features" that version 2014 contains. I have not experienced a single one.

  • nancy bellaire - Love this.

    I can't tell you exactly why I love this, but I do. Smell of oranges and the way my hair feels so healthy, I guess!

  • Crockett - you are going to play hell in trying to find a better knife at this price point

    So far as skinning knives go, you are going to play hell in trying to find a better knife at this price point. It feels good in your hand, the blade holds an edge better than any knife I've used at this price point.. The handle is soft and you have more than two large animals to skin, you are going to live this knife because it really is easy on the hands. Simply keep a sharp edge and you are good to go. Go ahead and get it without worries, you won't be disappointed.