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  • Amazon Customer - Loved it until I had to re-charge it & never was the same

    I loved this case for the first couple of weeks, but when I went to recharge it it was never as bright as it initially was. I tried charging it for longer and making sure I clicked the button to the highest brightness, but I think it was a manufacturer;s issue. Unfortunately it did not workout for me, but it was great at first

  • black horizon energy transport - 2010 version

    don't buy it it does not match up with any of the newer software we were not able to make any use of it at all spend the extra money for the newer version

  • MovieMan - No. This is definitely not what you want it to be.

    Definitely not happy with this product. Everything about this screamed "rushed together". I'm a software engineer and I have never seen anyone release software this poorly QAed. From insanely poor grammar/typos to blatantly wrong User Experience decisions, this thing will frustrate the average user considerably as they're trying to perform basic functions like pairing it and updating its firmware (good luck with that.)