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  • Laura L. Adams - Wen Worked for Me

    I read the reviews on a number of different internet sites and people either seemed to either love this product or hate it. I love it. I have extremely fine hair that has been getting finer (not thinning) since I had my baby 10 years ago. This product, plus a volumizer, makes my hair fuller, very soft (not limp!), shiny and it holds curl/style. It's important to rinse thoroughly. I did experience build-up after a few days, but simply shampooed with my old shampoo and then went back to the Wen. I just ordered more--Amazon has some of the best prices--WATCH OUT for sites that try to get you into an automatic billing type of arrangement, where they keep sending the product on a schedule. Lots of people complained that they couldn't get it to stop, even when they had too much product or decided it didn't work for them. Yes, it's expensive, but my hair is often the first thing people see and they see it every day. I'm a CEO and, whether I like it or not, appearance really matters in business. 

  • Cynthia Ingram - Arthritis Cure

    I bought the medication referred to in the book but have not seen any improvements from using it. The book made sense. I just don't know if the information is so accurate.