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  • B. Pompei - steam vac

    Got my Steam and Sweep today and couldn't wait to unpack it. I have hard floors and a dog that sheds. I try to sweep and the hair flies around and when I get the mop and bucket I have lots of hair and other dirt that ends up floating on the water in the bucket. This seems to fill the bill for cleaning and getting most of the grit. Two comments on the negative side - since the "sweep" part is in the front followed by the pad you can't get the pad right up to the baseboard unless you have room to maneuver the unit and hit the baseboard with the side of the head. Second comment - don't try to open the tray that collects the dirt in the house and lots of little bits fall out and then you have to vacuum them up or....the tray gets damp so you'll probably want to rinse the tray out and let dry before putting the unit away. Enjoy! I know I will.

  • Muse of Time and Silence - Ghastly! Avoid!

    Warning! This stuff will get under your gums and stain, stain, stain. I only used a tiny bit (thank the Good Lord), but it took ABOUT half an hour to get it all out of my mouth and from between my teeth. I was afraid that my gums would remain stained, but fortunately, after a day or two, all clear. I also will say right now, that this does NOT work to whiten teeth. Forget this stuff. It's a mess.

  • joseph dixon - SPOT ON

    I saw the film twice in theatres. Looking back, it's amazing how D'Souza nailed the president's motives and results. It's unfortunate for the country that D'Souza's prediction turned out to be true. This film attempts to explain why.

  • Chris Bihary - Beyond Useless

    This device is completely useless. Software wont let me do anything, cause it want a password. Tried admin and no password and admin with password 1234 caps all caps ect. ect. Nothing works. Tried on windows 7 x64 and windows 8 x86 just wont work. Also this device is not compatible with and other DVR software or capture software. I have had this for a month and Im sick of trying every internet suggestion and my own. This thing is just flat out worthless.

  • Joanna Renee - I really don't like hair removal creams

    After reading the hilarious reviews from guys who've used this on their more sensitive spots, I was careful to not do that. I set my back door on fire, I'd be wishing to have a snowman with an erection take advantage of me too. I really don't like hair removal creams, but this was excellent the very for time I dehaired. I've maintained it so that I don't need to use the cream again, but I was really impressed at the results. Leaves your skin nice and smooth. I gave the remainder of the tube to a friend who was also impressed and may order some for themselves in the future.