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  • MarcieB - Thank You !!!

    THANK YOU !!! You wrote one complete book did not start a mini series with five different parts . I don't know why a lot of urban authors and books are going in that direction but I hate that. It takes to long and by the time the part two drops I have to reread part one to remember what the hell is going on . I have read every book you wrote and I have loved them all . I don't even read the description because I have never been disappointed with any of your books .

  • orangetx - which is great since im using it at work

    its a small device, which is great since im using it at work. i like the fact it cuts off once its done charging an item, thats a very handy feature.

  • I'm from Jersey - As good as other popular softwares

    It's been running in my machines for about 6 weeks now and so far it seems to be working fine. Installation was easy also. I think this is in par with other top of the line antivirus programs that cost more money. I am satisfied, so far.

  • frank jones - Drs could learn something here

    I purchased this honey with the intention of healing my stomach which has been in a shambles for 20 years. I've been on every Rx antacid known, the last being Aciphex which is very strong and costs me $167 for 30 pills with insurance. I tried this honey after reading of its capabilities but believing that it was just a high priced scam, but I'm desperate for releif so I spent the $28. 3 days after eating 1 tsp on bread per day my stomach pain was gone. I couldn't beleive it. I'm still waiting for it to return but it's been a couple of weeks now and I feel great. In the past I've had to give up coffee, beer, spicy food, chocolate, etc. and still had gnawing pain. If you have stomach problems try this. I'm going to tell my Dr. about it.

  • Katie Messick - my precious

    For some reason I can't find awapuhi shampoo in the stores anymore, just the stupid moisturizing one which smells terrible and makes my hair oily. This one dries my hair out a little more, which would be a bad thing but I prefer it, as I only wash every other day or every 2 days. Having it dry your hair a bit leaves it nice for the second day, and I follow it with a dab of the original conditioner by PM as well. My tried and true shampoo. Come back to stores please :(