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  • Kiki - A review with a story

    Okay, first the review, then the story. These are excellent headphones. They come at the right price, they are wonderfully comfortable (and they come with a variety of options for attachments, so there's a good chance something will work for you), and the battery not only lasts quite long but also charges rather quickly. These headphones have entirely exceeded my expectations, and they have my full endorsement.

  • Della Anderson - Absolutely Outstanding Book!

    If you read no other books, the Medlov Men Series you don't want to bypass, or you will regret it. I look forward to more of these men. Fantastic job Latrivia!!!!!!

  • Alec Moeller - you need help samsung

    It is great item, I have to say it was a pain in butt first two after getting it. Because it did want to update my tv, keep saying miss files. Call samsung and they were little to no help. I gave them my model and sn of my tv and they told me they would look deeper into it. After a week and a half my tv did two random update and then it worked. Crazy

  • J. McNair - Scott Pratt is just an excellent writer !

    Pratt Is just an outstanding writer ! I love the Joe Dillard books so much , and have been waiting for the next one, but I wasn't sure how I felt about a brand-new story and attorney . But it was a great story and I can't wait for whatever the next thing Pratt brings out! I would love to see a sequel to this book , and sounded with him the story like they're very definitely could have been a prequel !

  • animosity - Made up for a bad experience

    We got a Next brand bike from Walmart for my son last spring. 12 inch. He was three and a half and struggled to pedal a full rotation all summer. We thought he just wasn't ready and kept encouraging him. Flash forward to this spring. We get out the bikes and still he couldn't ride the bike with the same problem. He was so frustrated and gave up. I tried to show him with my hands on the pedals and I could not turn the pedals either they stuck at the top and then went backwards into braking. We went back to our Walmart and ALL the 12 inch bikes did the same thing. The associate told us to loosen the pedals. We did so but to get them to move they were dangerously loose and then adjusting the seat for his new height the bolt broke to reveal that the seat would not have raised even an inch. So we looked a long time and decided to buy this one. We had to be careful because the first bike really set our son back confidence wise. This bike is awesome. Went together easily and is high quality. He is riding like the wind and grinning ear to ear. Spend the extra money on this one. It is a cool blue and white and he loves it and rides everyday.

  • madbee - Good Value for the Price

    I have used this for about 3 years and finally I have to replace it. I like the solid cooking top because it is easy to clean and hold the heat. It has worked very well with good adjustments. Finally it now gets hot and stays hot. But not bad for all the time it worked well.

  • Mr. Truth - Great way to try home brewing

    Bought this as a present to myself for something new to try this winter. It's super easy to get started and now I'm on my 5th brew in 2 months. Will have plenty of beer stockpiled for spring and summer get togethers with friends. My wife was originally skeptical of this whole project but she has been very impressed with the quality of the beer I've made and has taken a liking to the Seasonal Winter Ale.